Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

We love pancakes! I am a bit of a cheat and use american ready mix Aunt Jemimas… so fluffy!!! But this year I thought I would make them from scratch, big mistake, they were not as good as Aunt Jemima's!

I wanted to make these mini lollipop pancakes but couldn't find the lollipop sticks in time. Looks great and thought it would be fun for Harvey to dip.


but I made these bacon pancakes instead! Genius! and in the picture you can see they too used Aunt Jemima's (should have taken it as a sign) And I can tell you they tasted delicious especially with a dollop of syrup.

Hope you all had a great Pancake Tuesday and maybe another midweek pancake day.. if you are not doing lent that is. :D


  1. That's so clever! We tried bacon and pancakes for the first time today and the Mr absolutely loved it. Might make some of these as a surprise snack sometime :)

    1. I am definitely going to try the bacon pancakes with Aunt Jemima's next time!