Sunday, 9 March 2014

DIY - Clothes Horse Play Tent

I have always wanted to get Harvey a Teepee or play tent for the summer and the really nice ones are just so expensive. I have seen some DIY play tents but I am too lazy to go out to buy the wood and fabric and then to sew it all up. So I came up with a very easy solution - the clothes horse tent :D I'm not the first but it is an original for me.

All you need is:
1 clothes horse
1 bed sheet
1 soft playmat or blanket for the base

Draped the sheet over the top and placed the playmat inside and voila a quick and easy teepee. I also tied a string onto the clothes horse to keep it from flattening out and falling ontop of Harvey.

I think Harvey really enjoyed having his own little space where he can just chill out. Although it is a bit hard to keep little trespassers out ha ha.

Here's a few links to some DIY play tents to get you started. I may make one myself one day.

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