Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nursery Blues :(

Harvey has started nursery this month. 2 mornings a week. First settling in day was 2 hours. He didn't even notice that I had left the room and when it was time to go home he didn't want to leave. Second Day was 3.5 hours. He cried when I went to pick him up.

Last week he started full mornings and he cried when I left him. "Mummy stay here" it was so heartbreaking. He held onto me for dear life and would not let go. The nursery carer had to take him from me. It was like ripping out my heart. He sobbed all day and cried really loudly when I went to pick him up. 

This week I have started to take him in later to shorten the time there and stay a bit. I think it has helped that I have shortened the time for now. I really want to stay but feel the nursery doesn't want me to.

Tomorrow is another day and I can't bare leaving him there. I feel so cruel doing it. I feel anxious and teary just thinking about it. Maybe Harvey doesn't need to go to nursery just yet. Maybe he just isn't ready?

The nursery carer said it is best to just leave and not to linger but I feel I know my son best and I should stay for Harvey to get used to everyone and the room before leaving him. But is it too late? Can I start again? As soon as we get to the nursery Harvey is already crying "no nursery, no nursery".

Is 2 years too young for nursery? How did you help settle in your little one into nursery?

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