Thursday, 20 February 2014

Nursery Blues - Looking brighter - Week 3

First Session
Again Monday night I am dreading taking Harvey to nursery. I have been ill and emotions are all over the place. Tuesday morning Harvey and I are both sat at the table eating porridge and crying "No nursery waaa", "I know Harvey, I know waaaa".

It was hard to not say "OK let's not go and we can stay home … forever!!!!".

Anyway we got to nursery and he cried but a little less when going up the stairs. Briefly stopped crying when we looked in the window and then burst into tears when inside. But the biggest improvement was when the nursery girl (really have to learn her name) didn't have to pry Harvey from my body. He reached out for her (crying of course) and then pointed to a toy (crying). Exit stage left.

And of course when I went to pick him up he still burst out crying but a little less.

Anyway one day down and one to go!!!

Second Session
Today there was a delayed resistant to going to nursery. There was even a nodd acknowledging that nursery was today. But when it came to leaving the sad little "No nursery" came out. When we got there Harvey didn't really cry going up the stairs and he didn't cry too much when I left him either. There is hope!!!

It was not a good sign that it was raining at pick up time. But Harvey let out one cry and then stopped. I was even able to talk to the nursery girls! Yaaay They said he only cried once today when they came back from an outing. Yaaay!!!!  And seriously this was no joke the sun was shining when we left the nursery!!!!

I am so proud of my little man. We went to Poundland to celebrate with 2 toys! A truck and a new ball.

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