Monday, 24 February 2014

Let's Eat! - Baby and Toddler Development

For me eating and sleeping (another post) are the two main concerns with my boys. I am always interested in how others have dealt with feeding and what they did to encourage good eating habits.

Harvey (2 years and 4 months)
Harvey used to be really good with food. From about 5 months he took to baby rice like he was doing it a month earlier. Sucked on those Ella pouches like there was no tomorrow, massacred broccoli like it was, well, broccoli and then it all changed one day. He got sick and threw up his spag bols and from then on it was fussy eating all the way.

What do you make a toddler that only loves bread, biscuits and crisps! haha. I try to make food fun like making dinosaur shaped sandwiches which worked for a while. At dinner time I would put a bowl of vegetables on the table and sometimes Harvey would eat them (sometimes all of them). But had to be in his own time. If you offered it to him he would refused.

You gotta love the toddler stage and I have this to look forward to with Seb. Yay for me!

Seb (8 months)
Seb is now 8 months old and still won't touch baby rice. He will have a go at a biscuit but then gag and throw up (which is normal they say).  I am not too concerned with him not weaning and am hoping he will just go straight to solids when he is ready (yeah right). Also he is teething, 2 teeth out and it seems the rest want to come out now as well so Seb is a drool machine at the moment.

What I am concerned about is his gag reflex. One evening Seb put his hand in my bowl of spaghetti and he gagged at the texture of it! He did it 3 times so it wasn't some weird coincidence. What on earth is this and what else will set him off?

Anyone have the same issues with feeding their little ones?

Below are some sites about feeding that I am looking at. If you have any other sites that you know of please comment them in!

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