Monday, 24 February 2014

How to fold the Phil & Ted Navigator double rain cover

The Navigator double rain cover is quite big, although you wouldn't know it from the little bag it comes in! Which there in-lies the problem. Once you get it out of the bag how on earth do you get it back in!?!

Here is how I fold our rain cover. Not sure if it is how it should be folded but it does fit back in the bag.

Post any photos or tips on how you fold yours!!!

 1. First lay flat the cover. It should sort of fold naturally into this shape. Make sure the black bit is underneath

2. Fold in the sides up to the edge of the black foot cover bit.

3. Fold in sides again (thirds of the black bit). Make sure all the air is squeezed out

4. Then fold up from the bottom and again making sure all the air is out

5. Tahdah! It should fit back into the black bag or if you are like me just put it under the second seat.