Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sugarjack - Bea Baby Change Bag Review

Have been eyeing the Bea from Sugarjack for a while now and as soon as it went on sale I was there, spending my boys uni fees.

I am in love!!!! The Bea is made from the most soft tan leather (also comes in black) and is loaded with extras! It has 3 outside zip pockets, removable leather strap, change mat, bottle warmer bag, pvc zip bag, cosmetic bag and of course the removable change bag organiser with a multitude of pockets for all your baby needs. Outside pockets great for snacks on one side, lens filters on the other!

I chose this bag as it looked ideal as a baby/camera bag. I was not disappointed. It is also deceptively large so you can fit bags of things in this one! Dimensions: H46cm L46cm D24cm.

The only downside I can see with this bag is because it is made out of  such soft leather it is prone to marking. So I dare not take it out in this rainy weather at the mo! Plus I am not keen on the long leather shoulder strap as I get paranoid it will snap under the weight. I prefer the canvas type shoulder straps on other bags like Storksak. Plus I can't adjust the strap shorter and still use shoulder support.

Sugarjack Bea in tan

Cute little purse for mummy's things

Comes with a dust bag, change mat, bottle warmer and a PVC zip bag for wipes and other baby essentials

The genius thing about all Sugarjack bags is the removable organiser so then you can convert from baby change bag to mama's handbag.

Loaded with pockets

Removable organiser. Easy transfer to another bag

With the organiser removed it also has an internal zip pocket

So what can I fit in the Sugarjack Bea? Like I said before it would be ideal as a camera/baby bag.

1. Canon 5D MKIII (my 3rd baby)
1. Lens
2 nappies
1 wipes
1 toddler hand wipes
1 bottle
1 change mat
1 bag of mummy stuff
1 baby first aid kit
1 wallet
1 Sophie
2 sets of change clothes
1 pencilcase
1 car
1 bus
1 bubbles
1 playdoh
1 dinosaur

And I haven't even used the outside pockets yet!

Camera/Baby combo

All baby


  1. Replies
    1. It is but am waiting for the weather to be more settled before I take it out! Don't want to get it wet! How sad! haha

  2. I REALLY want this gorgeous bag, but it seems to be sold out everywhere! Do you know where I could try and get it? thanks xx

    1. Hi Esther, It is a really nice bag :D I did a little search and the only place I could find is on ebay if you want the link is below. Or if you can wait I am sure the Bea will come back in stock soon and if you can wait even longer, wait for the sale :D Good luck!!!