Friday, 24 January 2014

Storksak - Navy/Orange Tote Review

Another year and a few more baby change bags. The Storksak Tote is a bright navy and orange tote which is nice spot of colour for Autumn/Spring.

Blue and orange contrast

For £70 I was expecting a bit more from this bag but I guess you are paying for quality. The Storksak Tote is what I would call an everyday workhorse bag. It doesn't come with much but it is well made and you know it will last. The Tote has the usual 4 internal pockets, a change mat and the bottle warmer is incorporated into the outside of the bag. It could do with another external pocket for quick access to phone and keys. But one cool thing is the buggy straps are incorporated into the shoulder strap and it is Storksak so you cannot deny the quality. Dimensions: H32cm L49cm D16cm.

Built in buggy straps

1 side zip pocket to keep a bottle warm

Could still fit more in

2 small internal pockets and 1 zip pocket and 1 change mat

Larger internal pocket with velcro fastening

Made of a good quality nylon - great for this british rainy weather. It is small but because of the shape it fits in quite a bit and my favourite thing about the bag is that the opening is big enough to get things in and out! And it is super light as you don't want a heavy bag before putting in all your baby essentials!

So what can you get in this bag?

Contents of my bag today

2 emergency nappies (one for each of the boys)
Small change mat (From Maclaren Baby change bag to give more room)
Baby wipes
Toddler hand wipes
A little first aid bag - calpol, panadol, cotton balls, teething gel and powder
Another little bag of my first aid
2 muslins
2 bibs
A bottle and carton of formula
2 cars
Pencil case with colouring in pencils
A crunchy round thing with bits of ribbon on it
Sophie the Giraffe
Torch (you never know!)
Hand sanatizer
Notebook 2 pens
Mini bubbles
An emergency bankcard (for when I forget my wallet!!!)
And in the side bottle bit I can put in a small flask

At full capacity I could fit in a onesie for Seb and a top and trousers for Harvey… just.

It isn't a big bag but when I am pushing around the Navigator in double mode it is a good size as there is no room to really hang my bag. So I either sit it on top of the handle or hang it low against the second seat. And sometimes even sling it over the shoulder so it helps to not have it too heavy.

I also carry another change mat with nappies and a bag with a  change of clothes for the boys in the bottom of the buggy.

It also looks alright for a Daddy to carry haha.

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