Monday, 26 August 2013

Quit Bugging Me! - baby buggies

A buggy is one of the main items you will buy when having a baby. As first time parents it is a whole new world. You know nothing about anything. And companies know this. So they will tell you that you MUST HAVE THIS BUGGY and ALL THESE ACCESSORIES that come with it.

blah blah blah.. I fell for it! But by the second child I was "like what ever!"

If you thought choosing a single buggy was hard, try choosing a double! Where do you start? There are even more things to consider and to confuse you with.

Do I get side by side? or a tandem? 3 wheels or 4? Will it fit in the car? Will it fit around the shops? Will it fit IN MY HOUSE?????

Buggies! It's a love, hate relationship for me.  Love: that it holds my monsters down so they can't run riot around the shops. Hate: that they can be big and heavy. Love: it that I can hang all my shopping and handbag on it. Hate that they are so expensive. And the list goes on.

Here is a website I found called where you can compare buggies that might help you with making a choice.

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