Sunday, 18 August 2013

I Like Big Bags, I Can Not Lie.

My name is San and I am a bag addict. I have always had a thing for bags and the bigger the better. Especially as living in London with no car I find I need a big bag for all my things for the day. Wallet, keys, phone, camera, water, sunnies and brolly.  And since becoming a mum of 2 (3 if you count my camera) I need an even bigger bag!

Thus my search for the perfect baby change bag began.  I want something different, stylish, functional and big enough to house things for me and my 2 little faces. I have been through a few and thought I would share my thoughts on them and if anyone out there has the perfect bag let me know!

1. Mulberry - Tillie
While I was on the look out for my first change bag I thought I would use my Mulberry tote. It was fine for a while until I realised that it was not really baby food and spit up resistant!

2. Orla Kiely - Sparrow

I also used my Orla Keily bag for a while (Which I bought as a camera bag) but this soon became too small very quickly. But at least it was wipeable!

 3. Storksak - Emily

My first baby official change bag. The Emily bag comes in nylon or leather and in a variety of colours. It comes with the usual accessories of a baby change mat, bottle warmer and a little zip pouch for mummy.

I really like this bag as it is roomy and stylish with loads of pockets. But the opening of the bag was not wide enough for my liking.

4. Trusty Old Tote

As winter approached I needed a bag that could take a battering so I resorted to using my old canvas tote bag I had for over 10 years. It started off as a laptop bag, then a travel bag, then a camera bag, a shopping bag and finally a baby change bag come swim bag. Love this bag but it has had its day.

5. Timi & Leslie - Haley

The Timi & Leslie Haley bag is an American brand, and some celebrities have been seen with them. I like the Haley bag for the fact that you could wear it 2 ways: over the shoulder or messenger style. Made from eco friendly, man made fabrics. It comes packed with a change mat, bottle warmer, pouchett, zip bag for wet clothes and bonus stroller clips. I found the inside pockets were too flimsy and would get in the way and again the opening was not wide enough. You can find this bag and other styles on Amazon UK.

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs - Classic Q Francesca

After hours of searching the net for the perfect baby change bag that didn't look like a change bag I came to the conclusion most baby change bags look like changes bags! So why not just get a normal bag!  So again after hours of searching the net for a bag bag I came across the Francesca tote! It was perfect. It had shoulder straps, over the head straps, and it opened up wide enough so things were easy to find and it came in BLACK!

With my Francesca bag I use the large Borne Naked bag (An Australian brand) organiser to hold nappies and wipes etc. I find this makes it easy to access things and to transfer from bag to bag. It comes in 3 sizes to suit your needs.

7. Tesco and Orla Kiely - Shopper

So love my Francesca bag but it is Summer so lugging my big black bag around doesn't feel very summery, and it doesn't hold all the things you would need for a day out in the park. So enter the good old Tesco/Orla Kiely bag for life! There are two designs and I have them both! I asked my lovely husband to pick one up for me when he went on a Tesco run. I wasn't really expecting to get one as they sell out so quickly, probably due to the fact that people buy them to sell on ebay for extortionate prices! It's called a bag for life people, not a bag for low lifes! But the husband came through as he told me knew he couldn't come back without one ha ha.

8. Pacapod - Firenze

Beautiful leather bag but unless you are wearing something floaty and romantic it didn't suit. Love the look of the bag but I found the Firenze bag didn't suit my style. it was too formal looking I think. Again with these bags there is not enough space once you have the pods in them. But onced removed this bag has "bags" of space. Guess you could hang the pods on the stroller. The lunch bag is a little ruck sack so you could also get your little one to wear it. But for me I would have removed them and left them in the cupboard so it would have been a waste.

9. Storksak - Sofia

The Sofia bag is gorgeous! Loads of space, lovely colour and is made up from a super soft leather. The only thing is that it is bigger than I thought it would be, more like an over night bag. Either the model in the photo is a giant or I misjudged the size. Plus I could not justify the price with 2 kids and a mortgage. But I may come back to this one later he he.

10. Timi & Leslie - Charlie

The Charlie bag has received some great reviews from other mums but when I got it I didn't like the faux leather as it looked too um "faux" and it probably wouldn't have lasted long with all the heavy stuff I carry. It feels big and clumsy and it is thin so if you did fill it it would just bulk up and lose its shape. Plus it has those flimsy pockets that would get in the way. 

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