Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dwinguler Playmat Review

When Harvey was old enough to sit up I started looking for a more padded playmat as he wasn't as steady yet so tended to fall backwards and I was afraid that he would crack open his head. As you could imagine as a mum!

The thought of a padded helmet did cross my mind but that would just be cruel to the kid.

So onto Amazon I go and I came across the Dwinguler playmats. These playmats rock! They are 1.5cm thick so very well padded (I have been known to nap on the mat once or twice).

Great designs on both sides and is very easy to clean. I find them better than the foam squares or other playmats that are just not thick enough. The only down side I can find is that you can't show both sides at once haha.

We have the dinosaur / alphabet design in Large (230cm x 140cm)

Family Fever


  1. I must say I do like the idea of a helmet!! 😂😂 #triedtested

  2. That is gorgeous. I used to think about helmets for my girls too when they were younger too. hehehe This would have been perfect for them. x